Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Review: Carluccio's.

I love Italian food as pretty much all of the time I go to an Italian restaurant that I've never been to, I am very satisfied with my meal!! I first went to Carluccio's (London) a few months ago when I was craving Tiramisu (and before I discovered how easy it was to make!), and it was delicious!! While I was there, I also checked out the menu and made a mental note to go there again for a proper meal, which wasn't a lot long after!  
The Focaccia Al Formaggio (bread/cheese) is a lovely starter and very tasty! I ordered a traditional lasagne which I get all the time now and although I have no photo of it (too busy enjoying it!), I can tell you in total confidence that it was delicious!!
I also wanted to mention that the pear juice is lovely ... I don't think I've had pear juice anywhere else, so definitely try this if you can! Below is of course the aforementioned Tiramisu!! One of the most perfectly made Tiramisu's I've ever had!
Although I seldom eat desserts that are displayed out in the open (who knows what's been on them, who's been touching them!), their displays are a real feast for your eyes! There are also plenty of ingredients for you to buy which I hope to have time to browse properly next time.
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