Saturday, 16 February 2013

Review: Johnson's 24hour Day Cream.

With Nivea being one of my most favourite brands for skincare, I decided to try another that I saw at a similar level, Johnson's. I mainly associate this with skincare for babies, so I thought it would be gentle enough to use for my dry/sensitive skin. I mainly went for this as it offered sun protection, as I am very forgetful when it comes to using suncream (not that there is much sun in the UK!)... but luckily, I don't get burnt easily and as I do not have pale skin, I can withstand it longer than those that do...however, I did begin to worry about long term damage.
I used the cream every now and again, and it was generally a nice cream. However, when I was away from home for a few days and had forgotten my Nivea cream, I only had this one to use. My skin very quickly felt very dry and tight (although didn't look it) and rough to touch...and under certain light, I could see several tiny red bumps. After returning home and going back to Nivea, all of this disappeared. So, to be frank, this cream is not for me.

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