Sunday, 3 February 2013

Solange Knowles.

I have been listening to the music by Solange Knowles for a while now and kept meaning to blog about it! It is totally up my street and I have just started listening to songs from her new album, True, which is my most favourite at the moment! The song I am probably over-playing, is 'Bad Girls (Verdine version)'. I have also discovered that the guy/producer behind this album is Devonté Hynes. I have also found some great music from him, but will blog about that in a seperate post! In the meantime, check out his Tumblr for snippets of his work. Here is the Solange Knowles version of 'Bad Girls' and also Devonté Hynes' version which is just beautiful... and I rarely like songs with men singing (or sometimes say to myself how much I'd like a song more if there was no singing, or if it had a female singer instead)...besides Michael Jackson and a few others.
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