Friday, 15 March 2013

Super Muay Thai Championship, London.

Last month, I went to watch a Muay Thai Interclub for the first time which you can read about here. This month, I went to watch a proper Muay Thai fight and it was brilliant! It was held at Scala in Kings Cross, London and hosted by Team Tieu. I don't have any videos to show this time, because I was in total shock and total awe ... I couldn't take my eyes off the fights! There were various levels competing which dictated what was allowed and what wasn't .. such as kneeing to the head, the use of elbows etc ... I still have a lot to learn about all of that as well as scoring because there were a couple of times where I was so sure who the winner was, but I was so wrong! So, this is something I definitely need to try and get my head around.
My sister and I were also pretty impressed with the ring girls, they definitely looked good and we were very amused by the male reaction whenever they came into the ring... oh the simple things!
I mentioned in my Interclub post that it was great to see all the techniques we are learning in our sessions in action... and it was great to see again. You could really tell what technique many of the fighters favoured... whether it was pure aggression with relentless kicking and boxing (the guy on the receiving end of this couldn't do anything but try to block and was the only fight that the referee ended early because of this)... then there was the calm-before-the-storm approach where one fighter evaded almost all attacks, wearing out (and annoying) his opponent although I'm sure I saw some sort of Karate Kid-reminiscent crane-kick-to-the-face-thingybob (is this even Muay Thai?)....anyway, by the the final round, he delivered a surprising spinning back kick which caused a knock out. The crowd loved this and seemed to forgive that fighter for all his earlier evasion techniques which to be frank, was making the fight a little boring to watch. Nevertheless, although I was impressed, I still would have preferred to see more technique from the very first round and less flashy moves...I think.
My sister and I left half way through and missed the 'prestige bouts' so that's all for now... but overall, had a great time although a little stressful whenever someone was clearly losing and dripping in blood! I think I'm going to watch another Interclub again soon, so check back!
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