Wednesday, 12 June 2013

SummerJam Festival - Cologne, Germany

My friends (and sister) and I went to the Summerjam Festival in Cologne, Germany - and it was amazing!!! I only wanted to go because I wanted to go on holiday but I knew that I would like the reggae music anyway, even though I never really listened to it. 
The festival was held in Fuhlinger See which is basically a humongous, beautiful lake! There were thousands of people camping on-site and when we took a wrong turn, we ended up seeing all of this in it's glory... walking past people cooking sausages over a fire, sunbathing in front of their tents, chilling and listening to music, and swimming in the lake.
The main area was split into sections for each stage and obviously the 'bigger' artist had the bigger stage to perform on. This included Snoop Dogg, now called Snoop Lion who has also released a reggae album which, after listening to it a few times is actually pretty good! My favourite song is 'Here comes the King' which was most memorable during the festival. I didn't stay for his whole set purely because we weren't fast enough getting to the stage therefore we were on the outskirts and he drew in the biggest crowd I've ever seen! But he performed many of his older songs which were total crowd pleasers!!!
We spent our last day exploring Cologne and I'm glad we decided to do this because it is such a beautiful city! I could not believe how clean it was... there was also a parade which after turned the streets into a mess, but in no-time, there were suddenly these huge trucks sucking up everything! ... then a few minutes later, it was as if nothing had happened upon those streets. I could not believe the efficiency! 
There were also so many places to have desserts!! I was spoiled for choice! This kiwi and strawberry masterpiece was absolutely delicious!!
Another masterpiece on a much larger scale was the Cologne Cathedral. I was in absolute awe walking past was incredible!!! I loved how tarnished it looked and the details were just jaw-dropping. I wish we had time to have a look inside but I would definitely come back to this city in the near future!!
More photos can be found here! nuvonova - Flickr - Cologne, Germany