Friday, 16 August 2013

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Moisturizing Body Treatment.

My most favourite beauty brand for skincare is most definitely Nivea... and I am so glad it is because it is also the most affordable!
However, I do also love to experiment with other brands, especially reputable ones and Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream has been one of the products that I always hear about! 
So, when Beauty Expert had a £30 off offer (originally £65) to get a (really) huge tub (530ml) of this as a body cream, I had to try it! I had used the lipbalm version of the Eight Hour Cream so I knew that it was gentle and I was happy to take the risk of buying such a big tub of something I hadn't tried before!
I have used SO much of this since I took this photo - probably just enough left to moisturize my whole body 5 or more times. It really is an intensive moisturizer! My skin is so sensitive and prone to dry patches where clothing may rub, but this cream has kept my skin super hydrated even though I don't even use it every day! A little also goes a long way so even though it is a little pricey (I would not buy at full price), it is definitely worth it if you have dry areas that won't budge. The scent is definitely one to get used to (a little too herbal-like) - I don't love it and only like using it at home but apart from that, this is one damn good body moisturizer.
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