Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hotel Review: Electra Hotel - Athens, Greece

I've decided to review the hotels I have stayed at on my travels separately to the main blog post so, now that I know this is what I'm going to do, I promise to have more photos next time!!
First is Electra Hotel where I stayed at on my holiday to Athens in April.
My boyfriend and I chose this hotel because it was central to everything in Athens and was most cost effective whilst still looking 'decent'.
I think the photos we saw of the rooms on the website were a little deceiving, they had a look of luxury to them but they really weren't in person. I love both traditional and modern design ... but I felt that this was just a bad interpretation of doing both...and I hated the wooden flooring. I definitely prefer carpet!
The duvet cover was almost non-existent, it was SO thin and I really didn't like the tapestry looking cover either. So, along with the wooden floors, I just had a permanent feeling of being cold... and don't even get me started on the pillows! ... but I think I can rule this out because I do believe pillows are a very difficult thing to get right when it isn't your own!
However, the view from the very tiny balcony was good although a little annoying that it was too small for you to even sit down!
The bathroom was OK and to be fair, my photo doesn't do it any justice. If I had seen this photo of it before booking the room, I think I would have looked for something else! But again, it's all down to the decor, it was just SO old-fashioned. I hate the tan-coloured marbling, eurgh!
The shower was great but then again, my shower at home is totally rubbish so anything is better than that.
The hotel mentions 'sound-proof windows' which I'm not sure was true because I was too busy being distracted by the THINNEST WALLS IN THE WORLD. I could hear people in the room next door doing EVERYTHING. When a cupboard opens, when a toilet flushes, even ENTIRE conversations...which, I'm glad was foreign to my ears!!
WIFI usage was inexpensive and fast, the breakfast buffet was good and hotel staff were friendly and helpful. However, even though I don't necessarily see myself as a fussy person, I think the designer in me really didn't help and the ridiculously thin walls was definitely the defining point in why I won't be using this hotel again...but will consider the sister hotels.
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