Monday, 2 September 2013

Hotel Review: Mama Shelter - Paris, France

This is definitely my most favourite hotel I have stayed at so far! I was totally in awe of my Darth Vader lampshade and couldn't believe that out of all the masks I could have had, I had one that matched my phone cover! The room was spotless and smelt very clean. The only small downside was the lack of lighting, it was literally only a few lamps, but I guess it complimented the overall aesthetic of the hotel... which was quirky!
The restaurant was just lovely and very well decorated. It had a chalkboard ceiling and many quirky touches....and don't even get me onto the food!! ... just wow! ... I was so content with my meal that I even had a little nap on the sofa!
The reception area definitely showed exactly what the hotel was about with a variety of gifts and toys to choose from and I just loved the tree stump seats!! There is also a very relaxed vibe upon entering the hotel, everyone looks so chilled out, even the guests!
I would 100% recommend this hotel when visiting Paris - but it takes about 20 minutes by car to get into the city centre.
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