Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Film Review: After Earth (2013)

I wanted to watch this at the cinema, but with the ridiculous prices that London cinemas charge nowadays (or it may be more of a case of being older, being wiser blah blah), I have found myself becoming EXTREMELY picky with what I pay a premium for to watch at the cinemas now.
I eventually watched 'After Earth' in the comfort of my home and although it was actually a pretty good film, I was glad to not have spent a lot of money watching it.
The plot wasn't exactly original, but I have to admit that the presence of father and son in a film again (they were also in The Pursuit of Happiness), did have its novelty appeal... but probably more because the thought of me being in a film with a family member fills me with a stir of giggle fits... so I really do admire this with the Smith family!!

Will Smith was great... I've always liked him as an actor and I think his son, Jaden, also has huge potential.

Jaden is the main character in this film, he plays Kitai,son of General Cypher (Will), who, to put it plainly, is a bad-ass. They live on Nova Prime, a world away from Earth and are threatened by the Ursas, which are large, but blind creatures. General Cypher has perfected his technique of killing them called 'ghosting', where he feels no fear, thus disabling the Ursas from sensing him, and allowing him to kill them. 
If I had read this beforehand, I think I would have thought it was totally absurd... but Will translated it on screen pretty well, and made it look quite cool! 
When Kitai accompanies his father on a mission, the plane crashes onto a now inhabitable Earth, killing everyone but father and son (a little far-fetched). General Cypher is injured and requires Kitai to travel across the land to retrieve the emergency beacon which is in the tail of the plane. 
Kitai faces many dangers and overcomes them (not too easily) and then of course, a little predictable, reaches the moment where he too, needs to perform 'ghosting'. 
I actually really liked the run up to him doing this even though it was quite predictable... but, and I don't know if it's because I am slightly feminist, but I did keep wondering how much better it may have been if his sister, Willow, had played his role. All in all, a nice family film.
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