Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Matt & Nat.

I'm not much of a bag person because I get bored very quickly, so I usually need to use very simplistic ones, not brightly coloured or printed ones that I may tire of after a few days... but, once I find a brand I like, I tend to obsess over it a little! 
Recently, I came across 'Matt & Nat', which are a vegan accessories brand and I bought the large messenger bag to hold my iPad and all other bits and bobs when traveling. However, my little sister spotted it the day I bought it and begged to have it as it was 'the only bag that will fit all my school books', seeing as I am so kind, I let her 'borrow' it...
Anyway, I of course, felt a little dissatisfied that I found a lovely brand where the design was so simple but totally functional for me (lots of pockets inside etc) ... that I proceeded to hunt for my own Matt & Nat bag, this time, it was 100% going to be MINE!
Shortly after, I came across a smaller version with so much space inside and I loved the little outside pocket. Being a designer, I naturally notice the little details, and I have to admit, that I really loved the architectural piece of stamped branding that also synced with the zip pull... this little touch really did make me feel like I had bought something so much more special than on the High Street. Will definitely be keeping my eyes open on this little label!
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