Monday, 26 May 2014

New brand to watch - d'or et d'argent

I haven't blogged in ages but hopefully will get back into the swing of it again! One of the first things I wanted to mention is a new, luxury contemporary fashion brand called "d'or et d'argent" which I am totally excited about!

d'or et d'argent is founded by two friends who met in Shanghai back in 2012 and have now officially launched the brand. This first collection consists of photographic printed unisex t-shirts, my favourite being the stunning 'SeaFuji' print along with the 'Poker Queen' crop top.

I've been ooh-ing and ahh-ing at their wonderfully presented lookbook where the styling really makes the brand stand out on its own as it nods to a more elegant approach, rather than the typical 'street' aesthetic typically associated with t-shirts. It shows that a t-shirt can be smart!

I have also had the pleasure of seeing the 'SeaFuji' t-shirt in person and the print is beautiful! ... I must also mention that the quality of the fabric has an amazing hand-feel to it. I am super excited to see what the brand will come up with next!!

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